If you are a business Corporation looking for guidance to protect your innovations by patents and/or designs, or are you looking for brand protection through trademark registration, then we can help you.

We believe that only creative assets of value should be protected. Let us help you evaluate the costs for protection, the scope of protection, and potential earnings attributed to the asset before committing funds to protect the asset. If there is value for you in protection, together we will protect it.

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Foreign Associates

If you are a Foreign IP Associate, or a Corporate IP Department, looking to establish a professional relationship with a Canadian Patent and Trademark Firm, then let us work with you as your Canadian representative.

We are a highly organized Firm that provides advice in all areas of intellectual property protection – patent, trademark, and design. From the initial filing of an application, through the prosecution procedure to enforcement, we strive to provide a strong level of support at an affordable price.

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Recent News

Canadian Patent Updates

Should human genes be patentable? Canada is one of only a few countries that currently allow gene patenting. However,…

Canadian Industrial Design Updates

On Thursday, Bill C-43 was introduced that amends the Industrial Design Act in

Why Choose Us?

The cost of the patent search for your invention(s) can pay dividends in controlling downstream costs of patent protection as well as identifying early in a product launch cycle patents of your competitors. Read More
A Canadian patent is a document which provides an exclusive right to an inventor for an invention in exchange for a complete disclosure of how the invention works. The exclusive right is limited to 20 years from the date of filing of the patent application. Read More
Protecting your brand with a trademark registration is of fundamental importance to your business. Trademark rights begin with the use of the mark during the normal course of trade. Read More
Designs protection is available for manufactured articles. The scope of protection is limited to the design’s shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation, or combinations thereof. Simply put, what you see is what you protect.
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