If you are a business Corporation looking for common sense guidance to protect your innovations by patents and/or designs, or are you looking for brand protection through trademark registration, then our Patent and Trademark Agent Firm can help you. Our goal is to help you attain quality protection for your IP.

We provide advice in all areas of intellectual property protection – patent, trademark, and design.   From the initial filing of a patent or trademark application, through the prosecution procedure to enforcement, we strive to provide a strong level of support at an affordable price that is tailored to your business processes.  Let us be your seamless extension to the world of trademarks, patents and designs.

We have both in-house patent and “virtual” in-house  hands on corporate intellectual property experience in setting up processes for corporations and institutions that selectively turn disclosures into a patent portfolio best suited to their business needs.  Its one thing to create a portfolio, it’s another to maintain it.

We can assist you in identifying and ranking qualitatively the importance your inventions and brand to your business.

These processes allow corporations and institutions to identify and rank the commercial importance of inventions stemming from their innovation and focus patenting costs on such identified inventions.

We can assist you in identifying competitor patents and in clearing new product launches.  We can assist you in setting in place a trademark branding strategy for your product launch.

We like working with you as an extension of your business needs in the patent and trademark field.

We are proactive and believe that like attract like.  So if you are of like mind, let us work together in protecting your intellectual property assets.