Superior IP Defense for the Corporate World

2 men in business suits shaking hands in agreement with the text "Corporate IP Protection"

At our patent and trademark firm, we offer guidance for corporations seeking to protect their innovations through patents, designs, and trademarks. Our aim is to provide quality protection for your intellectual property (IP) and simplify or in-source as much of the IP process as you desire.

Leverage our extensive experience in all aspects of IP protection, from filing a patent or trademark application to enforcement.  Let us be your seamless extension to the world of trademarks, patents, and designs.

Our in-house and virtual patent and trademark expertise allows us to set up processes tailored to your business needs. We help you turn invention disclosures into a patent portfolio best suited to your goals. Our services include assisting in identifying and ranking the commercial importance of your inventions and brand, competitor patent analysis, trademark branding strategies, and guidance on in-sourcing processes.

We work proactively to align our services with your business needs, always striving to be an extension of your intellectual property strategy. If you share our belief that like attracts like, let us partner with you in protecting your valuable IP assets.