Patent Searching

A patent search for your invention can help navigate the existing patent landscape and reduce patent prosecution costs. Invest in a patent search conducted by CWC Intellectual Property and gain an appreciation of the patentable value of your invention.  Read More


Protect your innovation efforts and secure your business’ future with a Canadian patent. Let the patent agents at CWC Intellectual Property assist you in drafting and/or filing your patent application to protect your invention and capture its value.  Read More


As a business owner or marketing professional, protecting your company’s brand with a trademark registration is essential to ensuring the success and longevity of your company. File a trademark application today through CWC Intellectual Property to obtain your trademark registration.  Read More.

Industrial Designs

With a design patent, you can safeguard the appearance of your creation and the future of your company. Allow the patent agents at CWC Intellectual Property to assist you in securing you a Canadian industrial design registration.  Read More