Our Firm & Mission Statement

Craig Wilson and Company Inc. is a firm of Canadian Licensed Patent and Trademark Agents that specializes in obtaining Patent Grants and Trademark Registrations before the Patent Offices and Trademark Offices in Canada, the US and around the World, since 1994. We practice before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) under our firm trade name style of Craig Wilson and Company and brand our services with our trademark logo of CWC | Intellectual Property Patents + Trademarks + Designs (shown to the right).

Our Mission is:

To Partner with our Clients in a side-by-side working relationship where we seamlessly integrate with our Client’s business making our firm an extension of the Client to capture Patent and Trademark protection best suited for our Client.

We take pride in sharing our expertise with our Clients. We place great value in building and maintaining long term relationships with our Partnering Clients.

We have developed processes and solutions that can be tailored to provide our Partner with a cost effective quality patent and/or trademark portfolio best suited to our Partner’s business needs and goals.

We believe that like attracts like. So if you are of like nature wanting to develop and maintain a long term side-by-side seamlessly integrated business relationship, we look forward to an opportunity to Partner with you for the years to come.