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Why Register Your Trademark

As a business owner or marketing professional, protecting your company’s brand with a trademark registration is essential to ensuring the success and longevity of your company. Furthermore, by trademarking your brand, you are able to establish a level of quality and trust with your customers that sets you apart from your competitors.

Not only is obtaining a trademark relatively inexpensive compared to the value of your brand, but it also provides a broader scope of protection across Canada.  Therefore, a registered trademark allows for enforcement in regions where the mark may not be in use.  Moreover, the test for confusion is not as stringent as it is for common law trademarks. In Canada, a trademark registration lasts for 10 years and can be renewed for consecutive 10-year terms.

Types of Trademarks

Basically, trademarks can be made up of one or more words, a logo, or a slogan, and can be used in a descriptive or adjective sense. Moreover, they can be divided into three levels: primary or house marks, brand marks, and secondary marks.

Primary or house marks are used to identify your business and should be registered. In contrast, brand marks are used to build goodwill and market share for different product lines or service categories offered by the business. Secondary marks are specific to a specific product or service and may not require registration if their lifespan is short.

How We Can Help

At CWC Intellectual Property, we specialize in assisting businesses with trademark registration. We conduct trademark availability searches, prepare and prosecute trademark applications, and have had exposure to trademark opposition proceedings and challenges to trademark registrations. Additionally, we can assist with filing for trademarks in foreign countries through our network of foreign associates.

Don’t leave your brand’s success to chance. Contact us today and let us help you protect your trademark and secure your business’s future.

For more information on see our Video:  An Overview of the Canadian Trademark Process