If you are a Hamilton Company looking to protect your brand with a Canadian Trade-mark registration, then please take the time to read this page and visit our web site.

“Trade-marks in Canada are an important tool to assist consumers and businesses.  In the marketplace, a business marks its wares or services as an indication of provenance.  This allows consumers to know, when they are considering a purchase, who stands behind those goods or services.  In this way, trade-marks provide a “shortcut to get consumers to where they want to go”, per Binnie J. in Mattel Inc. v. 3894207  Canada Inc.  2006 SCC 22, [2006] 1 S.C.R. 772, para. 21.

Protecting your brand with a trademark registration is of fundamental importance to your business.  Your Canadian trademark rights begin with either the first use of your trademark in Canada or by the filing of an application based on  proposed use to register your trademark.

Prior to filing an application to register your trade-mark, it is good to make a trade-mark search to determine if anyone else has adopted and used a confusingly similar trade-mark.  We can assist you with the search, its analysis, and the filing and prosecuting of the trademark application through to registration.

We can also assist you in obtaining trademark protection in foreign countries through our network of foreign agents, trademark lawyers and trademark attorneys.

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