At Craig Wilson and Company we have the Resources and the Search tools to meet all of your Patent Searching Needs.

All searches are performed within the firm by firm professional members and are supervised by a patent agent of the firm.  We do not outsource our searches.  Our searches cover over 100 patenting jurisdictions (including the United States, Canada, China, Europe, Japan and Korea) and a PDF copy of each patent document in its native language is provided.  For non-English documents, translations into English are provided .

Here are your search options:



A search report listing identified patents of interest with bibliographic details thereof and PDF copies of any such identified patents.  This package includes the BASIC PACKAGE plus a Prior Art  Relevancy Chart, Brief  Analysis of relevant patents found including listing of Abstract and/or Broad Independent Claim, and a Brief Opinion of the patentable features of your invention. 

This package includes the STANDARD PACKAGE plus an Explanatory/Agent style Claim chart with Detailed Patent Agent’s  comments on Patentability (Obviousness and Anticipation and other details) for the most relevant located patents.


PATENT LANDSCAPECA$ 5250CA$ 10500CA$ 15000


*The Basic Patentability Search is ideal for a search of the most relevant prior art patents and provides a basic framework for you to make a decision on how to proceed.

*The Standard Patentability Search is a more thorough search and review of the prior art patents and provides an opinion from a patent agent of the scope of protection you may be able to obtain in your patent.

* The Premium Patentability Search provides more insight into the relevance of the prior art patents and delves more deeply into Anticipation (Novelty) and Obviousness (Inventiveness) to define the key features of your invention that may be patentable thus allowing you to make a more informed business decision on whether or not to proceed with drafting and filing of a patent application.

Depending on the Package chosen, you will receive the Patentability search results in your hands within 2 to 4 weeks.  For Invalidity, Freedom to Operate and Patent Landscape searches please contact us for more information on search turn around times.

All communications with you are confidential and are subject to privilege when you are a client.  Becoming a client is as easy as us sending you a retainer engagement letter  for  signature, and you sending us a retainer search fee plus, for Canadian Businesses, a Value Added Tax (HST) .  Your retainer search fee is held in Trust until the search is completed.

Once you are a client, we will schedule a meeting with you either in person at our offices, or face to face by  Skype video meeting, or by telephone conference so that together we identify the key inventive features of your invention in confidence and that is subject to privilege.

Please let us know which search option you are interested in and we will forward a retainer engagement letter to you get you signed on as a client and to start the search process.

The Patent Search Team.