Patent Searching Costs

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CWC Intellectual Property has the resources and the search tools to meet all of your patent searching needs.

Firstly, all searches are performed within the firm by our patent agents. We do not outsource our searches. Secondly, our searches cover over 100 patenting jurisdictions (including the United States, Canada, China, Europe, Japan and Korea). In addition, a PDF copy of each patent document in its native language is provided.

What Is Included

With our searches options below, we provide a report listing of identified patents of interest with bibliographic details and PDF copies of any such identified patents. Furthermore, a brief analysis of relevant patents found along with the patent agent’s comments thereon is usually provided for the most relevant located patents.

How Long It Will Take

For a Patentability Search, you will typically receive the search results in your hands within 2 to 4 weeks. However, for Invalidity, Freedom to Operate and Patent Landscape searches please contact us for more information on search turn around times.

 Types of Searches Available

Search Type Option Ball Park Cost
Patentability Search CA$ 1,995 Per Concept Searched
Invalidity Search Starting at CA $2,630
Freedom to Operate Starting at CA $5,250
Patent Landscape CA $15,000


Please contact us when you are ready to start the search process.

– The Patent Search Team