Safeguard Your Innovations and Brand: CWC's IP Solutions for Startups and SMEs

Man in business suit pointing a CWC logo

Are you a startup or small to medium enterprise (SME) looking to protect your intellectual property (IP) assets? Look no further than CWC Intellectual Property.  Our team of patent and trademark IP professionals specialize in consulting and integrating with businesses of all sizes. We can help simplify the often confusing process of IP management.

At CWC, we prioritize added value and a personalized approach. Our goal is to work closely with your organization as virtual in-house patent and trademark agents. Our aim is to provide affordable guidance for your business while developing a customized IP strategy. This approach ensures alignment with your unique business objectives, paving the way for success. We use our firm’s experience to offer helpful advice and support, just like an in-house team would.

But, we understand that a traditional arms-length relationship may be what’s best for your business. Our team has extensive experience working with individual inventors, small businesses, and large corporations. We are equipped to serve your IP needs in any capacity.

Choose CWC for a long-term partnership that will allow your business to grow and achieve its IP goals. Let us simplify your IP process and move onward and upward together.

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