Why StartUps Choose Craig Wilson & Co. For Their IP Needs

Whether you are a startup organization, an individual entrepreneur, or a mature organization, your business in Canada will eventually face decisions regarding protection of its intellectual property assets. The questions of when to seek protection and what types of protection are appropriate for your business can be challenging to answer. Let’s be frank – intellectual property management is often a confusing subject with many dos and don’ts as well as pros and cons. This is where Craig Wilson and Company can help you simplify your IP process and grow it in your organization.

At Craig Wilson and Company, we believe very strongly in added value. Our team of IP professionals is prepared to consult and integrate with your business for a frictionless working relationship tailored to your business needs. Our specialty is to consult with you as though we are virtual in-house patent and trademark agents. We are prepared to work within your business to provide you with affordable guidance and develop your IP strategy and procedures. By establishing a close working relationship with your organization, we are able to provide you with guidance and tools that are in step with your business and which are focused on achieving its directives. Craig Wilson and Company provides the benefits of personalized, in-house council, with the assets and capacity of an established and experienced IP firm to bring to bear. Craig Wilson and Company wants to establish a lasting relationship with your organization so that we may grow together.

You may decide that the traditional arms-length relationship between agents and clients is best for your business. This is an approach that is well-known in the IP service industry today and we are prepared to work with you in this way as well. However, Craig Wilson and Company has many years of experience in working with individual inventors, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations. We are prepared to seamlessly serve your business needs and provide you with the tools and know-how your business will need in achieving its intellectual property goals. We propose a long-term relationship that will allow us to move onward and upward together.